What other services do you provide?

We are not a spot factoring company – we can provide clients with an online alternative to whole turnover invoice finance if required. We also have a Contract Finance product which supports businesses with expected payments via a contract, licence agreements or software subscriptions.

How do I increase my client’s limit?

We will look to increase their limit in line with their funding requirements. Initially we will need to build up a track record before we can begin reviewing the limit, but as trades begin to settle and we see that the debtors are paying on time, we can look to increase that limit. Additionally, we […]

When is my commission going to be paid?

We pay our introducers on a monthly basis, and you can expect payment to hit your account by the last day of the first week of the following calendar month. Ask your Relationship Manager if you have a question about a particular deal.

What commission do you offer?

We offer a commission rate to introducers of 20% of our processing fee. This revenue share scheme will be in place for the lifetime of any client that you introduce – every time they use us, you will get paid. Commission is paid monthly, within the first seven days of the next month.

Will the process take longer if my client has other charges on the business?

Quite possibly – we will need to obtain consent from the existing charge holder. If the client is in invoice finance, we will typically require a debenture and deed of priority. These processes will usually add 2-3 days to the process, but can take more or less time depending on how co-operative the charge holder […]

Is MarketFinance regulated?

Invoice finance falls under asset based financing, which is not currently an activity regulated by the FCA. MarketFinance does not invest any capital into invoices itself or on behalf of any third parties. MarketFinance does not take client deposits or give any investment advice.

Does MarketFinance work with introducers?

MarketFinance does accept referrals and has had many successful relationships with partners. Our partners are accountants, business advisors, trade associations, legal advisors, angel investors and insurance brokers. Most of these are small business-focused, but we accept referrals from all types of partners. If you’d like to learn more about introducing clients to MarketFinance, see our […]

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