Is my financial data secure?

Only institutional investors or qualifying high-net-worth individuals are allowed to purchase invoices. All investors registered on the platform have been fully vetted by MarketFinance and sign up to strict confidentiality agreements for the information they are able to access on individual businesses and invoices. They are only able to use this information to decide whether […]

Is MarketFinance regulated?

Invoice finance falls under asset based financing, which is not currently an activity regulated by the FCA. MarketFinance does not invest any capital into invoices itself or on behalf of any third parties. MarketFinance does not take client deposits or give any investment advice.

How much do investors need to invest to get started with MarketFinance?

The minimum initial deposit is £50,000. Please note that the investor client account must be funded before you gain access to the MarketFinance platform. There is no requirement to deploy funds into any given auction and investors can take fractions of invoices as small as 1%.

Can I qualify as an investor on MarketFinance?

In order to invest on MarketFinance you must both meet our criteria and pass our checks. We accept applications from: High net worth individuals Sophisticated investors Institutional investors (hedge funds, investment companies, family offices) The minimum initial deposit for new investors is £50,000. If you’d like to apply, fill out our investor application form.

What does MarketFinancecharge investors?

MarketFinance charges a percentage of any profits earned by investors, depending on the sum of funds held on the platform. There are no sign-on fees or on-going service fees – investors only pay fees on the profits they earn.

Where are investor funds held?

MarketFinance does not take any deposits directly. Investor funds are placed in segregated client accounts held at Barclays Bank. Each Investor holds a dedicated client account. There is no right of offset against any balance sheet obligations or any charges against MarketFinance. At no point do investor funds flow into any of MarketFinance’s own bank […]

Is there a minimum lock-in period for investors?

At MarketFinance there is no minimum or lock-up period. Uninvested funds may be withdrawn at any time. However, funds that have been invested in invoices cannot be redeemed until the invoice has paid out.

What are the default and loss rates on MarketFinance?

Sometimes the invoice you purchased might not be paid by the end customer. In such cases, we offer our collection services to help you recover your investment from the business that sold you the defaulted invoice and/or the end customer, from which the payment is due. Since we started operations we have maintained an average principal […]

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