Before your invoices can be traded, we’ll need to confirm that the invoice details are correct, and we’ll have to check this information with your customer. This will allow us to verify your invoices so we can launch the trade and release your funds more quickly.

How will this work?

Once you create a new trade and add your invoice details, we ask you to provide contact details for someone at your customer’s organisation who can authorise payment of these invoices.

The verification process can take place in of three ways:

  1. Use our online Verification Process (explained below).
  2. You can email your customer directly and cc us in.
  3. Provide us with online vendor portal details.

MarketFinance Online Verification Process

If you want your invoices verified via the platform (rather than by email or over the phone) your customer will receive an email from our verification software. This verification system is the fastest and most discreet way that we can verify the invoice and ask your customers to confirm the invoice details. Below, is an example verification email that your customer would receive. You can preview this before sending.

verification email

Once your customer clicks on the email to verify the invoice they are taken to our verification portal.

Verification Preview Image

You can always check progress in the verification status page on the platform and we will let you know once your customer has verified your invoice.

If you wish to re-send the email to your customer (for example if they have been out of the office or have lost the email), you can do so at any point on the verification status page.

If you have any questions or concerns about any aspect of this process, feel free to get in touch with your Account Manager.

If we don’t hear back from your customer after a few days, we will aim to call on behalf of your company (with your permission) in order to get the trade moving.