MarketFinance has been helping UK companies with selective invoice finance since 2011. This solution allows our clients to get an advance against specific invoices, from a single or handful of customers in their book.

Here is a video overview of how invoice finance works on our platform from applying right through to funding and ongoing management of payments.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Limited or LLP company based in the UK or Ireland
  • Minimum turnover of £100,000 p.a or annualised income from current years trading

Unfortunately we can’t support companies that:

  • Any form of insolvency notice or proceedings against them or a group entity
  • Outstanding CCJs larger than £2000
  • A principal owner/director that is disqualified, bankrupt or subject to other form of personal insolvency

How it works

  1. Apply through our online application. See here for exactly what you’ll need to complete your application, but it shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes
  2. Once approved, upload one or more invoice to a trade, either via an accounting integration or pdf documents showing the details of each invoice
  3. We verify the invoices with your debtor, either disclosed or confidentially depending on your agreement. Once we receive verification we submit your trade to our network of investors to provide funding
  4. We fund your invoices through our twice-daily trading sessions. If the trade is submitted to the 12pm session you’ll receive funds the same day. Trades funded in the 5pm session are advanced to you the next day


You can choose from a pay-as-you-go option for selective invoice finance solution or if you have a more regular funding need you can control costs better through our contract option. See here for more details and to get a quote.


There are three fees, charged per use:

  • Service fee – on the pay-as-you go option, this is a percentage of the invoice face value
  • Discount fee – a charge on the funds you use
  • Listing fee – a £15 fee to cover the cost of CHAPS payments to send funds