Our application is all online and you can return to it at any point. We have a great team who can also walk you through the application over the phone.

Once you finish your application you can see how your application is progressing and if there is any more information we need from our Application Dashboard.

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If you’re able to provide the right information we can help you sell your invoices that same day.

In order to process your application and get you trading invoices as quickly as possible we will need the following:

  1. Supporting documents – either imported automatically from your accounting platform or manually added to the application form. We need to see your latest unabbreviated statutory accounts and Bank Statements from the last 3 months.

Supporting docs2. Signed MarketFinance Rules – We need a company director to accept the MarketFinance rules, which are essentially our terms and conditions. If you’re not a company director you can send it to them through the platform asking them to accept.
mi rules

3. Power to Act – finally before you can start selling invoices with us we need two directors to sign a Power to Act in your company’s name. This is primarily used in the event that your business stops trading due to insolvency. You can sign this either electronically or on a physical copy.Power to act

Once you provide us with those three things we’re able to approve your application and you can start selling your invoices.