It’s important that you proactively follow up with your customers to confirm that the debt will be paid on the expected payment date. In case your debtor pays late, there’s usually a two-week buffer placed on trades to allow time for payment to reach us. After that buffer expires and the trade goes overdue, we’ll send you an email asking for an update. Please provide substantial evidence, in the form of a remittance note or an email, from your debtor confirming the payment is due/delayed. A note from you stating that the debt is being chased will not suffice. If it’s been ten days after the expected payment date and we haven’t received either payment or received an acceptable repayment proposal from you, we’ll send you another email. At this point, you’ll have the option to voluntarily repurchase the debt or propose a repayment plan. You may be able to request an extension on time based on the reason for the delay in payment. If the above steps aren’t taken, we’ll issue a Demand for Repurchase on Day 17. This requires you to repurchase the invoice by paying the outstanding balance and a repurchase fee of 10% of that balance. We’ll also perfect assignment, which requires us to notify your debtor of the assignment. We may also use any unrelated funds in your trust account to reduce the overdue balance.